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containing Trace elements obtained from
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
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get 2 packs for the price of one!
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Find out - why the trace elements thus obtained have a high nutrient properties?
"Synthesit" is the key to youth and health!
"Live" trace elements obtained by LENR
"Synthesit" is the trace elements obtained by converting one element to another in the process of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Therefore, they are "alive" and have a powerful biogenic potential. It's a breakthrough technology . It is these trace elements give youth. "Synthesit" has no analogues.
This is a unique technology and unique product.
We discover the secrets of nature
Synthesit is a radically innovative product, even for our time, filled with innovations.

We obtain elements as a result of the transformation of one stable element into another, that is, we carry out transmutation in the process of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. This is an incredible technological breakthrough.
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We learned how to start the Low energy Nuclear Reactios process in the laboratory. And convert some elements to others. That is, to create "young" elements, the activity of which gives the body a huge charge.

This is a unique technology and unique product. Synthesit is the energy of life.
For people unaware of the word transmutation and now casts an allusion with alchemy. However, this is a strictly scientific term. We are talking about a completely material physical process. In a special installation, the source element is processed by a series of powerful electromagnetic discharges with certain characteristics. This is our most important know-how. As a result of this processing, a very small part of the original element changes the structure of its atomic nuclei and turns into another stable element. Low energy nucleear transmutation occurs. A newly created chemical element emerge.

This process differs from hot nuclear reactions in that it proceeds without nuclear fission of atoms, accompanied by any ionized radiation and the appearance of unstable isotopes.

For today we can receive very insignificant quantity of such newly created elements. To work out a few grams as a result of long and hard work. However, these grams have great value as a source of trace elements for the human body due to its biogenic potential.

Trace elements play an extremely important role in the human body. They provide 50 thousand biochemical reactions in the body. In the body there are 81 chemical elements. Of these, 12 are identified by physicians as structural and 15 as vital. But the rest are also irreplaceable in the human body. Without all these elements, biochemical reactions in the body are impossible, which paralyzes the viability of the body.
It has been noted in ancient times that the elements obtained by converting one element to another have an absolute biogenic potential. So high that the ancient healers spoke literally of immortality. Ancient Indian and Chinese medicine are based on that.
However, as is now clear, what matters is not so much the mineral elements themselves, as their quality content. If everything was so simple, then it would be possible to swallow these trace elements, extracted from the earth, in the required amount. Nevertheless, we get them, mainly by joining the food chain. Eating animal or vegetable food. So for the nature of our body, something else is of fundamental qualitative importance.

The atoms of chemical elements contain tremendous energy. How much it is colossal is evidenced by the energy release during the destruction of atomic nuclei with the advent of radioactive elements which release monstrous amount of energy. So the energetic forces, the energies that are enclosed in the atom of stable elements also contain tremendous energy. It plays a key role in the cycle of organic life on Earth. And here the origin of these elements is important.

The vibrational model of the structure of atoms, which was recently discovered, as well as the processes of Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation can shed light on this.

In general, Cold Nuclear Fusion is a process that is constantly occurring in the bowels of the planet. Thanks to him, planet Earth has an existing elemental diversity.

Products of Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation that hit the surface of the Earth just became a catalyst for the development of life on Earth. Conventionally, the "young", newly created elements feed the life processes of the Earth's biosphere with their energy. In this "young" period, they expend internal energy, gradually losing it. The period of loss, the half-life of this energy in stable elements is not known to us. It can be years, thousands or even millions. But he apparently is. And the activity of mineral elements decreases with time. However, the body needs young elements.

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Vladislav Karabanov
Project Manager Synthestech
I want to greet everyone on the web-site of "Synthesit" bioactive trace elements .
We offer a completely unique product.
A product that appeared at the very edge of new technologies. This is a terrific breakthrough in the exploration of the forces of nature.
But the main thing is that it can be directly used for the benefit of human health.
Source of vital energy and real longevity.
Its use will change the world.

Bioactive additives "Synthesis" - an innovative product

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Nature and physics
The "living" trace elements
The eternal youth
Nature and physics of biogenic potential of elements obtained by transmutation
Notum est

Today it is absolutely clear that Cold nuclear fusion is an ordinary physical process and it constantly takes place in the nature around us. Therefore, it cannot be excluded from the biological cycle. It is also possible that the products of Cold fusion — newly created elements, "fresh" elements, their potential, are a key element of organic life, the most important component of biogeocenose.
Rejuvenation recipe - "live" trace elements obtained cold nuclear transmutation.
The secret of eternal youth and "young" elements
Among the problems that mankind has tried to solve, since the time immemorial, the task of extending human life stands alone. The search for a way to extend the life occupied the best minds at all times. These searches were reflected in both religious texts and practical enterprises.
Modern equipment
We are equipped with the most modern equipment in the field of analytical chemistry. To determine the elements derived from Low Energy Nuclear Reaction
Know how
We have created the know-how to start the process of Low Energy Nuclear reactions and transmute chemical elements
Unique installations
We have created unique installations for the launch of Low Energy Nuclear reaction processes and the transmutation of elements
Checking the biogenic properties with the participation of "new" elements gave excellent results.
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