Rejuvenation recipe - "live" trace elements obtained cold nuclear transmutation

According to the findings of scientists, the biological potential of active human life is 140 years. How to keep youth?
In recent times everybody is interested in the issue of preservation of youth. The most fashionable and apparently useful is the use of sprouted seeds. There is already a whole industry of obtaining germinated seeds in the factory, in the farm and in the house. They are consumed in the natural and recycled forms. They are used as food additives, in the form of mass applied on the skin, and so on.

What is so special about these seeds? What properties distinguish them from simple organic matter?
This question was answered in the 19th century by naturalist Baron Albrecht von Herzeele. In the 20th century it was confirmed by the chemist, the founder of the pharmacological company WALA Rudolf Haushka* and a number of other scientists. In his numerous experiments, von Herzeele convincingly demonstrated that during the germination of seeds there are processes of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions occurring in them. Calcium (Ca) is converted to Potassium (K), in phosphorus (F), in magnesium. Thus one element turns into another.
Rudolf Haushka. The doctrine of substance. "To understanding physics, chemistry and therapeutic action of substances"
Thus the germination of grains is a process of transmutation of elements. This gives rise to a biogenic effect. That is the way how "fresh" chemical elements and active elements are formed.

Hence, we see the result of the use of such grains for health preservation, which the public appreciated in practice.
Another question is that the percentage of these "fresh" elements in the composition of grains is negligible. To get a microscopic amount, you need to use almost kilograms of grains. The grains in the process of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are converted into a negligible percentage of the original elements.
In addition, the transformation of light elements – Phosphorus (F), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Potassium (K) was found in the grains. For complex biochemical processes that provide freshness and tone, the human body is needed the important "live" heavier elements – manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo) and so on. They are not produced as a result of cold fusion in germinated grains, and they need to be supplied from outside.

Among the disadvantages, we can mention that the part of the seedlings of cereals present gluten and lectin. The lectin is toxic in large numbers and the enzyme which processes gluten, is in short supply in human organism. Therefore, the use of seedlings can seriously disrupt the body. It may cause various disorders including failure of various organs.
In this situation, obtaining "fresh" elements by artificial Low Energy Nuclear Reactions solves the problem of obtaining biogenic elements in an amount that ensures the maintenance of youth of the body.

Synthestech is a number of trace elements resulting from the transformation of one element into another, as a result of implementation of the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions process. These are "living" elements that have a powerful biogenic potential. The capsules "Synthestech" have elements that are vital to humans. They are in the amount that is needed. These are the microelements that support and give youth.

"Synthestech" is the eternal youth
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