The technology of cold fusion (transmutation of matter) or rearrangement of nuclei allows to obtain one chemical element from another ones.

Our Project was inspired by numerous historical data on the application of substance conversion technology to prolong life and preserve health. The obtained facts of the Chinese medical encyclopedia reliably testify to the Taoist centenarians using "live" microelements.
Official data about the great physician Paracelsus, registered in the chronicle of the cities of Basel and Nuremberg, also confirm the facts of numerous cures using the so — called aurum potabile - "potable gold", which was based on substances obtained by transmutation of elements, which at that time was considered alchemy.

For several years, we have been creating a working prototype of a cold fusion installation. In 2018, the first volumes of the substance were obtained. In 2019, serious research was conducted, and the phenomenal results were announced at a conference in Geneva.

With the help of our cold fusion technology, the "transformation" of matter takes place. The microelements obtained in this way have a huge biogenic potential. These are fresh, and therefore "live" elements. They carry the power of primordial matter, its characteristics are many times higher than the characteristics of any other trace elements obtained from fossil raw materials. The phenomenal positive effect of such substances is confirmed by studies on mammals. Admission of "live" elements by people has a significant effect on all body systems, and especially on the hematopoietic system. Restoring and increasing the number of stem cells to adolescence level is the most serious and significant effect of this action of the "living" elements of Synthesit.
The technology developed by the Synthestech project made it possible to transform a substance without radioactive decay and huge temperatures. Today, the Synthestech is the only company in the world that has officially announced the successful implementation of the transmutation technology of the substance and the phenomenal results of its application in the field of life extension, preservation of youth and health.

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