Questions and answers about Synthesit (FAQ)
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QUESTION: What are the beneficial effects of Synthesit on the body?
ANSWER: People who participated in testing the effects of Synthesit have identified the following improvements:

Already after three to four days of taking Synthesit, almost 100% of people feel a fit of strength and an improvement in mood. Some people experience an increase of energy just three hours after the first dose.

After a week, the most people feel that they can exercise more, sleep less and eat less, there is a desire to act actively.

After two to three weeks, along with a gradual cell renewal, our clients discover many other positive effects:

  • The weight stabilizes and the amount of visceral fat begins to decrease.
  • Colds stop.
  • Joints and ligaments are not hurt anymore.
  • Falling asleep improves and sleep time is reduced.
  • The inflammatory processes on the skin such as acne heal much faster, the skin is getting better.
  • Nails gradually become more plastic.
  • The amount of hair falling out is reduced several times, healing of wounds and cuts is accelerated.
  • The process of varicose veins stops and reverses.
If you notice additional improvements not noticed in this list, please write to us at marked "IMPROVEMENTS".
QUESTION: How long must Synthesit be taken to fix the result?
ANSWER: According to the data that we receive, if a person took 20 days, and then stopped, then in the course of a month his physical activity gradually returns to its previous condition. But many previously identified symptoms do not return, for example, if there were pains in the joints, ligaments, or the hair fell out badly, then after a month we do not see the return of these symptoms, that is, the body has restored some functions. Therefore, we conclude that the body can accumulate some reserves of such trace elements, because if it could not accumulate them, then its activity would immediately fall. The body of a 50-year-old man was able to seriously improve his health in just 21 days, therefore, we suggest that two to three months of intake can give a trace mineral reserve another 2-3 months in advance, and health for half a year, respectively, the longer you take such healing substances the more health and energy reserve you get.
    QUESTION: How can Synthesit affect virus diseases?
    ANSWER: Only by raising immunity. In any case, it depends on the virus and on the person. Synthesit helps the organism to restore and increase the number of bone marrow stem cells, and stem cells are the material for new immunity cells, cells of organs and tissues, all blood cells. Synthesit helps the organism to restore immunity quickly, to raise it.
    QUESTION: What products should be excluded in conjunction with Synthesit?
    ANSWER: It is not recommended to use fats, dairy products, flour products, tea, coffee, soda, vinegar one hour before, during and an hour after taking Synthesit. These products can reduce the absorption of iron citrate.
    QUESTION: How to calculate the dosage of Synthesit?
    ANSWER: All people react according to their body condition. Only half of one capsule per day is enough for someone to notice improvement in a few days. And, for example, a person with good health will need more to feel a surge of strength and changes in organism. Depends on the body condition, slagging, blood condition, etc. We recommend starting with half a capsule per day and feeling the body reaction, looking at the changes. If nothing changes after 3-4 days, then add another half of the capsule and so on. It is important to remember the weight ratio. The more you weigh, the more dosage you need. If you have iron deficiency, then we recommend taking up to 4 capsules per day. It is very important to take Synthesit at the end of a meal, and even better if at the same time eat a slice of lemon, orange or mandarin.
    QUESTION: What is the dosage required for an athlete to improve performance?
    ANSWER: It all depends on the level of preparation and the state of the body. Someone consumes a lot of dairy, meat products and his body is slagged, someone focuses on plant foods, does not drink alcohol, constantly goes to the bathhouse and his body receives a large amount of aerobic exercise. The liver and other organs are all in different conditions too. Accordingly, the reaction will be different and only introspection and fixing the results will allow us to develop the right dosage to increase serious stamina. In our observations, people add from 40 to 100% in endurance, muscles recover faster, they ill less or practically do not ill. These are all different people of different ages with different problems and the state of the body. Getting Synthesit, the body will be able to restore the necessary supply of stem cells, and this will affect all body systems.
    QUESTION: How does modern science explain Cold Nuclear Fusion that caused obtaining of Synthesit?
    ANSWER: Russian science did not accept this phenomenon until recently time, and any practical and theoretical research has been banned. Today work in this area in Russia is carried out by many scientists, both practitioners and theorists. Our company does not set itself scientific tasks, pursuing only practical goals. This allowed us, without being distracted by theory, to arrive at phenomenal practical results. As for Europe, the European Council is already investing in the development of cold fusion technologies as part of the Horizon program for 2018-2020.
    QUESTION: Humans and mice are different species. Why do you think that an increase in the number of stem cells should occur in humans, if it occurred in mice receiving Synthesit?
    ANSWER: Any reliable results regarding the hematopoietic system obtained in mice can be transferred to humans. In all mammals, the hematopoietic system is structured according to one principle - all mammals appear from one stem cell - zygotes. In the process of division, it forms other stem cells that differentiate (turn) into other cells of organs and tissues. In mice that took Synthesit, endurance increases by 40%, their strength increases, and their hematopoiesis (hematopoietic system) shows strong growth and recovery, and the organs are intact, which is confirmed by the official conclusion of the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology. People also have an increase in strength and endurance, they feel better, the body gets rid of various diseases, blood tests show the normalization of its characteristics. This means that hematopoiesis (hematopoietic system) of people reacts accordingly and gets the opportunity to significantly increase the number of stem cells in the bone marrow, which primarily affects the increase in total energy, the body's resistance to viruses and microbes.
    QUESTION: Can Synthesit be taken by children under 18 years old / pregnant or nursing mothers / seriously ill people and what should be the dosage?
    ANSWER: In our instruction for use, it is indicated "for persons over 18 years old, one capsule per day with food". As with all dietary supplements, there is a signature "consult with a doctor before use" and "contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding". These are our recommendations and we do not have the right to tell you what to do in this situation. Synthesit is a biogenic mineral. This is not a medicine. It helps the body in a wide range of tasks related to the basis of life - bone marrow and stem cells.
    QUESTION: How does your delivery work?
    ANSWER: In our store you can buy Synthesit with delivery all over Russian Federation.

    We also have a delivery to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Canada, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Thailand and any country in the world where there is a mail delivery.

    Make a purchase, enter your address, pay for the order and when your Synthesit is ready for sending, you will receive a track number on your mail.
    QUESTION: What are the guarantees that the goods will come if the money is now, and Synthesit in a month?
    ANSWER: You can find information about our company on the well-known services and make sure of our dependability.

    General Manager: Karabanov Vladislav Aleksandrovich
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    QUESTION: How to increase the efficiency of Synthesit assimilation?
    ANSWER: First, take it strictly at the end of a meal, or after it, with a small amount of liquid. Secondly, there is evidence that the simultaneous intake of Synthesit, vitamin B12 and vitamin C can significantly improve the effectiveness of the biogenic effect of Synthesit (instead of vitamin C, you can eat a slice of orange). In addition, we recommend you standard wellness procedures that are useful to anyone at any age - to do gymnastics, stretching (yoga), consume more clean water, reduce the consumption of alcohol and other harmful substances, including preservatives.
    QUESTION: I started drinking Synthesit and I constantly feel thirsty. Is it normal?
    ANSWER: This is a natural need of the body. If you feel thirsty, drink more clean water. Synthesit is acting and the body needs more fluid to carry out its tasks, including the elimination of toxins and the construction of new cells.
    QUESTION: I have significant improvements in well-being and health after taking Synthesit. How can I share my observations and feelings?
    ANSWER: Contact us at with the mark "PHENOMENAL IMPROVEMENTS"

    Those people who actively share their observations with us help in the development of the Project, receive additional bonuses from our company.