Active regeneration as a confirmation of the Synthesit capabilities. New reviews.

The exceptional features of Synthesit, a mineral that increases the number of stem cells, find new evidence. There are two fresh video reviews about the phenomenal possibilities of Synthesit appeared on our youtube channel.

A 66-year-old man spoke about accelerated regeneration of the amputated part of a finger (subtitles on english are available)
A woman (over 50 years old) shared her extraordinary sensations at the physical and spiritual level (subtitles on english are available also)

The project is moving according to the announced plan. We are preparing to release the first batch of Synthesit. We plan to send the first packages in March 2020.

Project investors are able to pay up to 50% of the Synthesit cost with STT tokens at a price of $ 3 per token with the privileged right to be the first to receive the mineral.