Recovery experience of people taking Synthesit™. The main parameters of health improvements with mineral intake
Based on the results of taking Synthesit by individuals, we have registered the noticeable beneficial changes that occur in the human body. To date, there are more than 60 of these positive changes. A lot of work has been done.

Recent scientific research has shed light on the mechanisms of the positive bioactive action of Synthesit on human health:

1. Rejuvenation of the aged-related biological blood parameters with the help of Synthesit.
Scientific research results.

2. Proven anti-tumor efficacy of Synthesit. In vitro research in the laboratory of experimental oncology.

3. Synthesit more than doubles the number of healthy stem cells. Scientific research.

4. Suppression of enzyme activity (Adenosine deaminase (ADA) and Xanthine oxidase (XO)) associated with pathological conditions and age-related diseases.

5. Increase in Klotho gene expression by 1.9 times.

6. An important fact is that Synthesit contributes to blood oxygen saturation up to 100% and blood thinning objectives. Oxygen is the fuel for every cell of the body. 90% of diseases occur due to a blockage of blood vessels.

SYNTHESIT is not a medicine. SYNTHESIT is a mineral obtained by a very complex method. This is a 'live' element, a fuel that provides strength and energy to normalize biochemical body processes. Receiving Synthesit, the body independently regains strength and health, beauty and youth, optimizes the work of the hematopoietic system and biochemistry, restores damaged organs and tissues, which entails many favorable changes.

The brief summary below comes in handy for those who have started or are preparing to take SYNTHESIT. With its help you can pay attention to your changes, notice them, and help your body complete the task in the most effective way.
Increase in number of stem cells without transplantation
Body detoxification
Normalization of creatinine level in blood plasma
Normalization of blood pressure
Normalization of ferritin level
Reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes
Restoration of menstrual cycles
Reduced arthritis symptoms of various geneses
Blood oxygen saturation up to 100%
Lowered level of uric acid
Restoration of cartilage tissue
Help to speed up recovery from coronavirus disease
Eliminated sand and kidney stones
Restoration of joint and spine mobility
Reduction of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) to normal values
Reduction of hemorrhoid symptoms, relapse prevention
Suppression of inflammatory processes
Elimination of gout symptoms
Fast healing of ulcers, wounds, burns, and fractures
Nasopharynx - disappearance of green nasal discharge, clearing of sinuses
Liver - restoration of its functions
Reduced level of bilirubin in blood
Reduced cholesterol level in blood
Restoration of normal blood parameters and functions of the hematopoietic system
Kidneys - restoration of their functions
Stomach - relief from heartburn and gastritis
Bowel - normalization of stool, stool color
Heart - pain cessation, pulse normalization
Male reproductive system: improved morning erections, increased number of viable and mobile sperm
Reduced visceral fat
Reduction of asthmatic symptoms
Elimination of parasites: opisthorchiasis, yersiniosis
Enhanced immunity, faster recovery from flu or Acute respiratory viral infections
Improved visual acuity and colorfulness of perceived color brilliance
Reduction of papillomas
Reduced symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
Mental health:
Regained calmness and lowered response to negative stimuli
Cessation of dwelling on bad thoughts
Improved and stabilized mood
Improved concentration and diligence
Memory improvement
Acceleration of thought processes
Normalization of falling asleep and waking up
Return of vivid and realistic dreams
The ease of immersion into a meditative state
Beauty and appearance:
Weight correction and reduction of body edema
Reduced varicose veins and spider veins
Disappearance of spots, plaques
Fast healing of blackheads, pimples, wounds, bruises
Disappearance of dermatitis, eczema, fungal lesions
Normalization of skin complexion
Elimination of bruises and under-eye puffiness
Enhanced nails, smoothed nail ridges, faster nail growth
Reduced hair loss, enhanced hair growth, restored hair follicle growth, increased thickness of eyebrows
Restoration of hair pigmentation
Physical activity and well-being:
Increased endurance (up to 40%)
Acceleration of muscle and ligament recovery (up to 3 times)
Improved coordination of movements
Increased activity
Increased spine and joints flexibility
Reduced need for food, normalization of taste preferences
Increased water consumption
Enhanced taste and olfactory sensations (taste and smell)
When you refer to this briefing note daily, please keep in mind that your body is able to make some improvements quick and some require more time. Much depends on your age, weight, lifestyle and thoughts.

Trust your body and be attentive to the listed improvements and your individual changes, which you can always share with us by sending an e-mail
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