The main symptoms of improvements identified among people taking SYNTHESIT
We have collected all the identified beneficial changes that occur in human body based on feedback received from people taking SYNTHESIT.
SYNTHESIT is not a cure. SYNTHESIT is a mineral obtained by a very complex method. This is a 'living' element, a fuel that gives any mammal the strength and normalizes biochemical processes. The body independently regains its strength and health, beauty and youth.
This briefing note is useful for those who started taking SYNTHESIT. With its help you will be able to pay attention to your changes, notice them and help your body to perform its tasks in the most effective way.
Mental health:
Returning calm and reducing the response to negative stimuli
Ending the cycle of bad thoughts
Improved and stable mood
Improved concentration and assiduity
Memory improvement
Acceleration of intellectual process
Normalization of falling asleep and waking up
Return of dreams, colorfulness and realism of dreams
Ease of immersion in meditation
Beauty and appearance:
Weight loss and reduction of body edema
Reduction of varicose veins and spider angioma (nevus araneus)
Disappearance of spots and plaques
Quick healing of blackheads, pimples, wounds, bruises
Disappearance of dermatitis, eczema and fungal infections
Normalization of complexion
Disappearance of baggy eyelids (Dermatochalasis)
Strengthening of nails, smoothing fingernail ridges and acceleration of nail growth
Reduced hair loss, increased hair growth, restoring hair covering, increasing the eyebrows density
Restoring hair pigmentation
Physical condition:
Increased stamina (up to 40%)
Acceleration of muscle and ligament recovery (up to 3 times)
Improving coordination of movements
Increased activity
Increased flexibility
Reduction of need in food, normalization of taste preferences
Increasing of water consumption
Strengthening of taste, olfactory sensations (taste and scent)
Normalization of blood pressure
Lowered uric acid levels
Getting rid of sand and kidney stones
Relief of inflammatory processes
Rapid healing of ulcers, wounds, burns, and fractures
Reduction of varicose veins
Restoration of cartilaginous tissue
Restoration of joint and spine mobility
Reduction of gout symptoms and pain
Disappearance of green-yellowish nasal discharge in nasopharynx and cleaning of the sinuses
Liver functions restoration
Reduction of cholesterol level and bilirubin in blood
Restoration of normal blood index parameters and hematopoietic system functions
Restoration of kidney functions
Epigastric burning and gastritis cessation
Normalization of stool, color stool and bowel movement
Relief of heart pain, normalization of pulse
Male reproductive system improvements in morning erection, increased viable and motile sperm
Decrease in visceral fat
Reduced asthma symptoms
Getting rid of parasites: opisthorchiasis, Yersinia enterocolitica
Increased immunity, accelerated recovery from flu or acute respiratory viral infection
When you refer to this briefing note daily, please keep in mind that your body is able to make some improvements quick and some require more time. Much depends on your age, weight, lifestyle and thoughts.

Trust your body and be attentive to the listed improvements and your individual changes, which you can always share with us by sending an e-mail
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