We are convinced that Synthesit is a "living" Iron. The first data.

The Synthestech project has made a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of technology and knowledge. We have achieved expected results of the cold synthesis of valuable elements and transmutation of matter. We get some elements by converting from the other elements in a commercial volume.

Now we only get Iron. But it is very important that this is a "new", newly created Iron. Iron is the basis of blood, the hematopoietic system, which means the basis of life. It is much more expensive than any other element, as it contains unsurpassed properties for the health of the world's population.

Technology and methods for the commercial sale of the products have already been developed. The "new" Iron synthesized by the Synthestech Project is separated from the matrix of the substance and converted into the form of iron citrate. Iron citrate is a form of easily digestible, bioavailable iron. The "new" synthesized iron is the basis of our unique product the SYNTHESIT.

Today, supplements with ordinary iron, which can be purchased at any store, as you know, give a weak result, or do not give a result at all. We had indirect positive data regarding the high biogenic potential of the "new" iron, which we obtain by transmutation. And it required confirmation.

The first data of experiments with mice.

At the end of August 2019, we reported that we had begun experiments with mice regarding the effects of the "new" synthesized iron on the mammalian organism.

We supposed that the main source of data would be mice biomaterial analyzes (organ and tissue analyzes, bone marrow analyzes). And especially tests for bone marrow stem cells.

And we did not assume that the effect of "living" minerals is so obvious that it will be visible by the naked eye.

The following experiment with a running wheel was not initially planned. This experiment was started after we revealed the high activity of the experimental groups of mice receiving the "new" Synthesit Iron.

Experiment with a running wheel:

The experiment involved white laboratory SHK series mice of the Andreevka branch of the Scientific Center of Biomedical Technologies Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia.

An experimental group of mice and a control group - 5 animals in one box, received the same food, boxes were nearby.

The experimental group received a citrate of "new" iron solution, in a total volume of about 20-40 ppm (mcg / ml), dissolved in a drinking water.

The control group of mice received plain water.

In each box there is a running wheel with a counter on the reed switch, which counts and displays the number of rotations.

2 series of measurements of the experimental and control groups' activity were carried out.

As a result, an increase in endurance of the experimental group of mice by 40% was revealed in relation to the control group. This is a phenomenal result, which is only possible with doping.

This measurement was recorded in continuous mode, you can watch the details on the video from the first day of shooting (link to the video on YouTube time lapse).

That is, we confidently notice significantly higher energy and activity of mice that received citrate of "new" iron. The highest value of this activity, relative to the control group, suggests that the biogenic effect of the "new" iron is phenomenal. It has no analogues. It must be reminded that iron is the basis of blood, and blood is the basis of the health and vital functions of the body. Given these results, "new" iron can be called "living" iron.

We continue our research.

The project is moving in the right direction.

We will report other data at our presentation in Geneva on October 29, 2019.

If you have questions, write to our email: sales@synthesit.com